The Cat lady is completed - a sculpture made from recycled metals is revealed.

I am so very excited to have finished this sculpture; "Obsession"  As many of you know, I mainly build water feature sculptures from up-cycled,  discarded musical instruments and found objects, but once in awhile I get to stray from the usual and tread  in unfamiliar places. The idea for the Cat Lady sculpture was inspired by one of my long time clients. She wanted me to build a significant piece as a gift for her employer. He, "the employer", is just crazy about cats; in fact he is the founder of a well known cat rescue organization. Naturally an obsessed cat person came straight to mind - In this case a cat lady. And that's how it works for me; give me a little info and my mind runs away with it. I hope you like her as much as I do.


sculpture made fro recycled metals

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