Catching up with myself, 2017

Sunday, November 5, 2017

2017 has been the busiest year ever for us. With three or four art shows in Canada and the USA, I don’t even know how many private pieces and two pubic art commissions. Jann and I both have worked full time on the business this year and after many years we are starting to enjoy the success of our labours.

Public art 2017 # 1 - The Water Works

I mentioned this piece in my spring blog. It was barely a concept at that point, just a rough sketch and a brain wave. Well its completed now and has been hanging in the DuPage Children’s museum since early June. This was a challenging sculpture, exciting in every way. How would I describe this kinetic water feature?  Well, is an ‘eclectic, funkified, motion capturing, little boy engineered collection of an entertainment machine’. That’s pretty much it. I think that Ross Bodenmann captured just what The Water Works is all about in his short documentary The Water Works. Thanks DuPage Children’s Museum for allowing an aging sculpture to dream like a child and build like a maker. Oh, did I mention that we drove to Chicago to take part in installing the piece? It was an amazing experience. “Crossing the USA to hang art” - that could be the title of my next blog!

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