The French Horn Connection

Here are some photos of my most recent musical instrument fountain. I enjoy building sculptures that share the same basic theme, and the French Horn Union is one of those. I think this is number nine or ten in the French Horn Union series. I'm calling this piece "The French Horn Connection" Each sculpture in the series shares the common factor of a pair of french horns setup in an "S" shaped pattern, but that's the end of any similarity. I couldn't duplicate a fountain sculpture if I tried. This particular fountain is built for a favorite client we had the pleasure of meeting at least ten years ago at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show in Seattle,Washington. This spring Jann and I met up with this particular client in Edmonds, Washington to plan the next sculpture. I think this one is either the fourth or fifth piece she has purchased from us. The three of us leafed through my book Form and Function until she found the piece she was looking for. The French Horn Union spoke to her. I think it was actually the French Horn Union Fountain called "Regatta" that appealed to her. The winding curves of the pipe wrapping around the sculpture sets it apart from the rest. We talked over details for a half hour or so and then concluded that the piece would be commissioned and completed in time for a charity gala planned for November fifteenth of this year. The client's plan is to donate the sculpture to the fund raiser. Jann and I are so very fortunate and privileged to meet the most amazing people through my art.

The French Horn Connection - Build Photo 


the completed version below


delivery time ...... off to Seattle we go. 

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