Magic. Pure magic describes Doug's art. I have commissioned a few pieces as gifts for special occasions including the 50th anniversary of the BC Institute of Technology. In each piece Doug wraps fitting symbols that speak directly to the recipient. Each design produces witnesses who share with others their delight with the artist's craft. Treat yourself. Ask Doug to create a magical treasure for you.

John Leech, AScT, CAE

Chief Executive Officer
Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of BC

In 2011 we purchased a marvellous creation by Douglas Walker. The piece is a water sculpture entitled Symphony in H2O, and it is as zany and brilliant as the artist himself. This whimsical fountain has brought continuous wonderment and joy to ourselves, our neighbours, and the birds which love to bathe in the top bowl. The design incorporates old musical instruments and makes the most wonderful sounds of falling water, adding serenity to the garden.  At night, a pond light shines up from below reflecting off the brass in all directions, adding a  warm glow to the garden that can been seen from the road below. It is simply magical. Asked if we would make such a purchase again, we could only say "Where shall we put another one?"

Sherry and Della, West Kootenays, BC